To continue with what we may now refer as “Die Berliner Mauer” month, please find here some pics of stations closed when the border between East and West Berlin was sealed shut.

On Aug 14, the access through the Brandeburg Tor was closed, on Aug 16, today some 55 years ago, parts of the actual wall began to be assembled.


But did you know about the closed subway stations or did you know that Eastern guard were locked in their post for they may have attempted their own escape (some in fact had done just that).


Photos show the station StadtMitte (across the Kochstrasse one in the American sector at C – Charlie – point), Nordbahnhof and Postdamer walled. Only the main Friedrichstrasse remained opened to rail traffic between the 2 Berlins. Also maps of the changes in the subway rail system.


More to discover in the book which is now entering in its final stage of editing…